Are pets allowed?

Yes, well mannered Pets are welcome at Litchfield Tourist Park, but are not permitted inside our cabins or public areas (i.e. café, swimming pool and barbecue areas).  We have a large paddock area where you can walk your pets.

Should your pet be the kind that is happy to quietly sit at your camp during the day, we also offer a free pet checking service for when you visit the National Park (as no pets are permitted).  This simply involves one of our staff members stopping by every couple of hours to check they are happy and have water.  If your pet is the type to fret when you are away, you will need to stay and take care of it.

Are you open all year round?

Yes, we operate every day as does Litchfield National Park.  You can also find a swimming spot open in Litchfield nearly all year round.  The only exception is when a major weather event is in our area during the wet season, but this often only lasts a day or two. 

We do not open our office and café on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, however, you can still arrange to stay here over this time.

Do we need a 4x4 to visit you?

No, we are located on the main sealed road which goes from the highway, through Batchelor and out to Litchfield National Park.  Most attractions in Litchfield are all on sealed road.  There are some 4x4 tracks for off-road enthusiasts which are open during the dry season and also offer natural attractions and some interesting local history.

When is the best time to visit?

That depends on how you like to travel.

The most popular time of year is winter, May to August, when the weather is dry and mild and the evenings cool.  All attractions and 4 x 4 tracks are generally open to visit.  Be mindful however, as this is the most popular time it can be quite crowded and booking your cabin accommodation well in advance is highly recommended.

September to November is not so busy, the weather is still good, but hotter and more humid at times.  A great time of year when everything is still open to see but you get to avoid the crowds.  

December to April is the quietest time of year and when you are most likely to see one of our spectacular wet season storms.  The landscape transforms into a green oasis and the waterfalls are at their best.  By December all the 4x4 tracks will close as the rainy season begins, some of the minor attractions will also close due to flooding and you may not be able to swim in all swimming holes as the currents get stronger and water levels rise – but it sure makes for spectacular waterfalls!  A great time of year for scenic flights and fishing.  The wettest months are January and February and is best suited to those that can travel more leisurely with flexible itineraries to work in with the weather.  With that in mind, a usual wet season day will start with cool rain, which finishes around 9am, dry and sunny until 3pm when it starts raining again.  The only time we get rain all day is when there is a major weather event/ monsoon in the area.  Whilst the days can be very humid, the afternoon rains provide a welcome relief and often our day time temperatures are far lower than Melbourne!  By March the rains are not so regular and it starts to dry out.

Where is the closest shop?

Batchelor is 14km from Litchfield Tourist Park and has a small General Store open 7 days a week.  Our closest supermarket is in an outer suburb of Darwin called Coolalinga which is approx 80km drive.

Where is the nearest dump point?

The closest site for your toilet cassettes is behind the General Store in Batchelor.  Approx. 14km from Litchfield Tourist Park.